Vedic Maths

Vedic Mathematics

Vedic maths Course has been introduced as a system of ancient times for Mathematics which are based on Atharvaveda, which was introduced by Late Shri Krishna Theta Ji. He has discovered and re-organized the techniques in the form of 16 Sutras. APEX provides excellent opportunity to learn the Vedic maths course by online or offline and get Govt. certified certification and open your own institution/ franchise near you. It is simple and more interesting than the regular way of learning conventional maths.

The course is based on the natural way of learning; which helps to learn and perform the calculations at a much faster rate with smart efficiency that can save the time to solve mathematical problems. This works as a system which helps in checking the independent set of methods which can be useful in cross-checking the answers that can reduce the possibility of doing careless mistakes while solving the problems.

Vedic Maths Course is for teachers, students, homemaker, and businessman for doing calculations and even teaching students as a mentor. With the help of its learning, one can perform the calculations 10-15 times faster than the conventional maths methods.

Australia Curriculum Maths
Weekly sessions & practice

India (CBSE/ICSE) board Classes

We know some kids struggle to focus for long periods. So the partners we recommended offer group tutoring in two parts - an ‘hour of power’ one-hour tutoring session; filled with learning, challenges and fun. Then to reinforce knowledge and keep students on track they assign weekly practice to complete before the next learning session.

Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Maths based on 16 Sutras & 13 Sub Sutras.
It will took 6 to 8 months 2 levels.
Age Group (11 Years and above)

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Marathi/Hindi language Classes (Reading, Writing, speaking)

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India (CBSE/ICSE) board Classes

Kids coding class:

Games in Python
Apps is Scratch
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