About Us

What makes us Different

Apex Abacus Classes is started in 2016. Started in India now extended to Australia. With dedicated teachres We helped in developing skills among hundreds of thousands of children Internationally and across India.

How APEX Academys Helps Children

Develops a High Degree of Concentration

With the APEX Abacus & Math program, your child will learn to focus and sharpen their concentration skills, leading to improved academic performance.

Removes the Fear of Math

By learning through play, children overcome their fear of math, leading to a strong foundation and increased confidence in their math abilities.

Improves Visual Memory

Abacus training enhances children's visual memory, leading to better retention of information and improved academic performance.

Improves Listening Skills

The SIP Abacus program helps children develop better listening skills, which in turn improves their ability to learn and absorb new information.

Children Learn to Destress and Activate Their Brain

Through Brain Gym exercises, children learn techniques to destress, focus and activate their brain for better learning and overall mental health.

Learn to Write Faster and Neatly

Speed writing techniques taught in the SIP Abacus program help children improve their handwriting speed while maintaining neatness.

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APEX Abacus and Vedic Math Academy serves as the best and most trusted Online Abacus Academy in India. We practice, unique teaching methods to nurture our children.

Working Hours

8am - 5pm , Monday - Saturday

TO know more about us Reach Us .